Financial Policy

Accepted Payment Options

After your initial examination and consultation, our front desk staff will review with you your treatment plan and fees. Our office will provide you with a financial agreement and several payment options at the start of treatment to help you budget your health investment. Please note that payment will be due at the time of service for your first visit and during the maintenance phase of your treatment. We offer several payment options for your convenience, which includes upfront payment discounts, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and monthly payment plans.  Please call our office if your statement does not reflect your dental benefit payment. Any remaining balance after your dental benefits have been paid is your responsibility. Your prompt remittance is appreciated. Our office will do everything possible to maximize your dental benefits and work with you to keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Should you have any questions about our payment policy or other issues involving treatment, we welcome you to contact our office administrator to discuss them.